Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Ultimate in Peer Pressure

Today (June 24) in the Church we remember the cruel death suffered by John the Baptist who was beheaded by the order of King Herod. After being promised anything she would ask for, Salome, at the urging of her mother, asked for the head of the Baptist on a platter. Though Herod regretted the promise he made, he felt compelled to honor it because all the guests at his party had heard him.

It takes a strong person to admit a mistake and reverse direction despite the anticipated ridicule. Changing one's mind is hardly a sign of weakness; rather it is the ultimate sign of confidence and strength. Needing to save face (or public image) and honor an inappropriate or immoral commitment is truly the ultimate sign of weakness.

Thanks be to God who loved Herod and John the Baptist the same!

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