Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tragedy in the Gulf

We will continue to mourn the unimaginable losses in the Gulf and around the globe for years to come. Pictures like this must be viewed over and over again so all experience the righteous anger and profound sadness that will hopefully lead to change.

God's plan for creation cannot include this. There is no lesson to be learned later, some mystery we do not comprehend. No, both the reasons and the solution for this disaster are apparent. The manifestations of greed - over consumption, power mongering, self-indulgence - must end. We must demand better of ourselves, those we elect and those we support.

Sacrifice without a price, a toll, is not sacrifice at all. We cannot sacrifice and live excessively at the same time. The two cannot coexist; either we sacrifice for the good of all, or we hoard for ourselves. Anything else is mere deception.

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