Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Be Open

Lots of us make resolutions. As we await the New Year, I urge you to BE OPEN. God has a beautiful plan for each of us, a plan that will lead us to joy and not to despair. That plan took flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, and the light of Christmas continues to shine. BE OPEN to where God might lead you this year, and BE OPEN to changing direction when it's clear your path is not leading to life. BE OPEN to accepting your status as a beloved daughter or son of God: God created you and loves you deeply. BE OPEN to letting your light shine in the world; never doubt your ability to make a difference. BE OPEN to standing out in the crowd, to taking up a cause, to speaking the truth and to living in peace.

The truth is that resolutions are not about imposing your will on reality but allowing the will of God to impose on you. So don't worry about the exact changes you need to make. BE OPEN. Surrender yourself to God and allow God's infinite love to lead you where you need to go.

How do you do that? Pray......Listen.......Pray......Listen......Act

God's peace this New Year,


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  1. I believe this is particularly important to remember when things seem difficult. Thanks for the reminder.